Illegal images of ESPN reporter hit mainstream media

Generally I avoid criticizing competing New York-area newspapers, given my inherent bias, but Bob's Blitz is right on here in ripping the Post for publishing pictures in print and online of the Erin Andrews "peephole" video. (Which increasingly seems likely to have been shot from an adjoining room or a hidden camera, not a door peephole.)

Aside from being five-day-old news, using the illegally obtained material - on the front page, no less! - is way, way over the line of good taste and good judgment.

This episode gets more depressing by the day.

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Just saw the Post - 100% accurate - those photos are illegal.

Neil is usually best not to call out other papers or columnists it usually comes back to bite you.

Kimbo: That's why I rarely do it. In this case, it's justified.

Mushnick receives a paycheck for it.....


You've done as much -- or more -- as the NYPost to promote this regrettable story.

Shame on you.

Manhasset Fats,

Neil never showed the pics. As a journalist, you report the fact, which Neil has done. The Post took it too far..

The story needs to be promoted. Hotel security needs to be examined. The perpetrators need to enjoy a prison peephole. The Post are complicit with the criminals for the photos that they published today.

I won't shame Neil for reporting the news, and I won't shame Bob's Blitz either.

It's a fine line though -- there's no link provided, but everyone knows where to find the New York Post (or knows how to Google it). Perhaps stating that "...a daily New York tabloid..." or "...a mainstream newspaper..." (I use that term hesitantly) published the pictures might be better, though. Then you're not directing traffic to the offending paper.

I didn't use Erin's name in the headline of this post so as not to glean any additional ill-gotten page views from this matter.

Congrats for not using Erin's name in the headline of your post - for a minute we all thought you were referencing those racy photos of Fat Chris Berman

Your a tool who has used more inappropriate pictures of women than Larry Flynt. Please another picture of Anna Benson to make it an even 100

Take the subway to Giants Stadium instead of the high road you turd

It's an all-out whaw [war] now ... Newsday criticizes the Post ....
that conflict-of-interest fraud Raissman took a swipe at Newsday Sunday for some Knicks information [usually Raissman just swipes Best's blog for story ideas] ... hey whatever produces more page-clicks. Guess we had this one pegged Neil?

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