Popular sports media personalities protest Post pix

SI's Jon Heyman announced on Twitter that he has cancelled his subscription to the Post in the wake of it publishing nude pictures of Erin Andrews this morning.

Then SNY's Chris Carlin did the same.

Far be it from me to advocate anyone cancelling a subscription to any newspaper in these troubled times, but the Post's decision has struck a nerve in media land.

(UPDATE: Apparently the Post was not alone in widely disseminating the EA videos. It was done on national TV, too. Oy.)

Will Leitch, one of the founding fathers of sports blogging, has an interesting essay on all of this EA stuff here.

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I deleted it from my bookmarks and I hope they go out of business. But then I wish that on our four newspapers.

Oh, please, its not the first time that the Post has gotten itself in hot waters recently (The Monkey Cartoon?) Nobody is cancelling their subscriptions.



There's nothing wrong with advocating cancelling subscriptions to newspapers when they pull stunts like this. There's a fine line between journalism and smut-for-sales, and the Post just vaulted far over that line. They'll probably sell a few extra newspapers because of it, and their web traffic will increase as well.

Publishers should not form a "Neighborhood Watch" philosophy and look out for each other in this instance. Smut sells, and if Newsday (and other papers) show any sympathy towards this practice, then the Post will continue to do it, and other papers will have to follow suit just to compete. We certainly don't want that to happen.

The high horse Carlin climbed up on just collapsed. Oops.

If they want to acknowledge it that's one thing. I think it's completely wrong to show pictures of it even if they are distorted. I hope ESPN sues them for it.

Sure, Chris Carlin. If the Daily News had those pictures, I'm sure he'd be defending them. Who is that fat phoney kidding?


Way to take the high road on this one!

In your next blog, can you please explain to your faithful readers how you can justify frequent postings of attractive women on your blog?

It's amoral, sexist and unacceptable.

You should come clean, Neil.

When will the female hosts of The View get in trouble for saying that Jason Sehorn had a nice rear end?

Manhasset Fats makes a great point! Neil, you frequently post blogs which have almost no context in the realm of sports media simply in attempt to draw more hits!

I've been a long-time reader (though not a commenter) and while I admit I've never been especially offended by the practice, there is an element of hypocrisy in what you're saying.

Look, what the Post has done is a whole new level of trashiness. I'm not saying what you do is on the level. But you absolutely do the same thing, to a much lesser degree, and benefit from it, also to a lesser degree than the Post probably benefited from their decision to put nude pictures of an attractive blonde on their front page.

It's amazing how far the depths of journalistic ethics keep falling. I was shocked when I saw the front page of the Post website this morning, but to also have the cable news channels show it? They should be ashamed of themselves. I'm sure they'll pretend that they are focused on reporting on a horrible and criminal invasion of privacy, but all they are doing is taking advantage of Ms. Andrews to increase ratings and hits. It's disgusting and they should be ashamed of themselves. Hopefully Newsday doesn't follow the Post and Daily News down to tabloid hell.

What a bunch of sanctimonious crybabies. All newspapers do things from time to time that rankles feathers and on top of that, the photo was blurry and barely visible. "Oh I cancelled my subscription", but I can EASILY pick it up at any news stand. Please... do whatever you feel, but when you have the media totally in the tank for a President that is trying to turn the US into Moscow, I find it hard to fathom this is what you guys are concerned with. Get real already, and let it go.

Come on people....what Neil does is all in fun and is in no way "what the post did to a lesser degree."

The Post showed a picture that was taken without Erin Andrew's knowledge or permission. That is wrong. Every picture that Neil has ever shown has been of somebody who knew and approved of their picture being taken. There is a clear difference between the two.

Just to be clear, I wasn't critcizing Neil in my post. I think that's just a cheap shot against him.

Nice lip service by Heyman and Carlin. I bet they'll be in their respective basements with the lights off secretly reading the Post at night.

Heyman should worry about his own newstories being called out as a complete hoax (the purported Halladay to the Mets offer) rather than canceling his subscription to the Post. As for Carlin, the guy works for a network that is in bed with a rival newspaper in the Daily News. If the DN had done this would he have announced he had cancelled his subscription and who the hell is Carlin to think that anyone cares what he does.

Finally, what Neil does is nowhere near what the Post does but Neil was playing the whole T-N-A card several times a week for a couple of months, so I am not buying the whole holier than though act.

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