WatchDog has a new look and a new home

Yo, readers, WatchDog no longer is located here.

It's located here.

C'mon over.

(UPDATE: Comments and RSS feeds not available for blogs on new site yet. Patience.)

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no rss feed anymore??

I'll be seeing you in some other life I hope. Without an RSS feed and with a garish white on color layout I suppose I'll only read you in the actual newspaper.

No RSS either? Wow, newsday really effed up-

1. No RSS
2. White letters on dark background
3. Taking FOREVER to load. (this version, in the meanwhile, is flying)

Those are HUGE issues.


now i need to update my bookmarks?

told you i wouldnt like change.

Not to mention -- your mug at the top-left corner has been replaced with that of Ben Roethlisberger. You may want to wait and see how his story unfolds before undergoing such a dramatic change. The PR consequences could be huge.

You probably already know, but the new site isn't working well. I tried to comment over there but it didn't work. Transitions can suck, and this one sure does.

I tried to create a new RSS feed on my site for this.

No XML, no feed.

Plus I can only dream of what the registered-user process is. I haven't been able to get a comment through on the local paper's new site all month.

Say goodbye to Mr. Dolan for me. If he wanted to get rid of cheap nonsubscribers, he's succeeding.

Wow. The new Newsday site in whole is HORRIBLE.

What reputable site uses a black background?

First the re-design of the physical newspaper, and now the website? Sigh.

Must I go to *gulp* for local news?

This really is a horrible job by Newsday.

My first impression of the redesign is it sucks. No links to the blogs on the front page of the site. You can't make any comments yet. And everything on the redesign site is all mess up. The Dolans made a good web site and made it worse and the viewers of this site are getting screw.

Without a RSS feed, you will see your blog hits drop significantly. Newsday really needs to do something about that.

@ Dennis-you could make comments-just register first. It is a breeze. During the registration, however, Newsday asks you to enter your cablevision account number. you can register without it, however Im assuming some content will be held back. I also notices something called the "newsday insider" No explanation of it anywhere, but I'm assuming it will work as well as Times Select.

Gee whiz. It's been only 12 hours! We'll figure this stuff out.

In my view, there are minor and major points. Minor is something to be figured out, and major are a huge design flaws.

Major flaws:

-style of the website. White on black is terrrible.
-slow load time-i hoped theyd have it fixed by now.

Minor issues:

-Cannot find the RSS for individual blogs (could turn into a major design flaw, if it was never built)
-commenting system (annoying that you have to click on the post to see if there are any new comments)
-having to register (a very minor inconvenience)

I hope that most of these can be worked out- (RSS especially)

And, Neil, I know youre taking this personally, but we are just trying to give you some feedback on the new website. I think everyone who is commenting is a loyal reader and would like to wish you nothing but the best, even though most of them (myself included) do come off as sort of hammering you.

You're right, Arthur. I do appreciate the feedback and am passing it on to our Web guys, who are very busy right now!

Cablevision account number? But I don't have Cablevision! (I do subscribe to Newsday, though, which you would think would be a requisite to access

The new website is laughably amateurish. Did a high school student do it?

Just a horrific job by Newsday all around here. Very disappointed. If it ain't broke...

if it ain't broke, don't fix it

Is it too late to go back to the easy to read old format, or should I drink a New Coke while looking at the so-called improved format?

"Oh Wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is!O brave new world!That has such people in it!"
William Shakespeare "The Tempest" Act V Scene 1

Cablevision account number??? I'm in AZ with directv -- goodbye Watchdog and Neil? What am I going to do?

i registered on the new site as a non-customer and had no problem. i agree that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

i need lasik after trying to read the text on the new site.

"Reverse Type" on a website or virtually anything printed is a very bad idea as it makes stuff hard to read. "Reverse type" means anything but black on white or some lighter color. The new site is awful.

The new site looks like a 14-year-old's MySpace page.

you just lost me as a reader with no RSS feed.

Why do I have a sneaky suspicion that there will be no deserving Friday Comment Contest Winner this week...

I give up - Newsday is history. First the print edition is made to look like a cheap tabloid, and now the web site is made to be completely unreadable! Long Island no longer has its own daily. RIP Newsday.

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